How to install and Execute Dedale ?

Dedale is developped in Java and packaged for Eclipse

Install Java and Eclipse

  1. JDK 8 or more recent
  2. Eclipse IDE for Java developpers

Download the project

Launch the program within Eclipse:

  1. Right-Click on your project and select Maven Update
  2. Right-Click on your project and select Maven/Maven install (It will download all the dependencies)
  3. Select the file, Right-Click and select run as../Java application.

Note that the 2 lasts version of Eclipse (2019-12 and 2020-beta) contain by default a Gradle plugin that generates a bug when you try to run the project “model not available for XX”. If you encounter this:

  1. Help/Eclipse MarketPlace
  2. Search “Gradle”
  3. Go to “BuildShop Gradle Integration 3.0” (the elephant) which is indicated as installed and clic on the grayed installed button.
  4. Uninstall it. It will restart eclipse.
  5. Run the program, enjoy :)

Here will appear 2 Youtube videos that will detail the installation steps.