2019 Roadmap

Communication: Updating the website Discord channel for Dedale's support tchat Features: (be) Moving from graphStream 1.2 to graphStream 2.0 (fe) Offering a new GUI for the Gatekeeper with JavaFX (fe) Allowing OSM-based maps (befe) Adding a continious and 3D environment for Hunting (JME3) Release delivery : November 2019 dedale v0.21 - GUI OSM - alpha dedale v0. [Read More]

2020 Roadmap

Bug fixes Discourse instance for Dedale's forum Update website to restructure documentation and tutorials Integrating the current state of the agents’ backPack directly within the GUI Adding a capacity to nodes in order to allow them to have several agents on a given position (and thus simplifiying the openLock computation). Real-time monitoring of distant agents (Integrating JME 3 for treasure hunt) [Read More]

Adding safe

From now on, treasures can be stored within safes on the map.

  • Agents will need to use their strength and lockpicking expertise to open them before grabbing gold and diamond.

  • Several agents can team up to open a safe. They just need to be linked to the one on the safe location by forming a path.