February 2023 intermediary release

  • Code

    • Improvement of the API genericity
    • Adding a kill-switch for each agent accessible through the GUI
    • Adding a method to the API to allow some agents to close safe and thus add one layer of dynamicity in the environment
    • Minor GUI improvments
    • JavaFX 18 support
    • Weka (machine learning) integration
  • Documentation

    • Update website and examples
    • Add video for : API use, default mono and coop exploration behaviours

News regarding the JME integration

The COVID delayed JME integration of 1 year. The last stable JME release (april 2020) significantly changes the way to interact with the engine. The alpha-version currently used for the hunt case as a test outside of Dedale and proposed by external devs is not satisfactory high computational costs for observe(), and imperfect results starting conditions for agents non-equalitarian Random map generator inconsistent Non easily automated repeated experiments A complete reimplementation is underway by Dedale’s team. [Read More]

2021a Release

COVID delayed all work of 1 year. We had to reschedule everything from the 2020roadmap as new features were needed. What is done : Removes the ingraph global statistics and replace them with individual stats regarding the backpacks (observer pattern) Add choice between GS and JME environments. This change the parameters to be given to the agents at creation. Non-backward compatibility GS : A default behaviour for cooperative exploration is offered (non-optimised) A new generator (Barabasi) is added for tree generation A human controlled agent for displacements is offered : N(ext) and O(k) An agent can now posses up to 2 type of treasures in its backpack simultaneously (and pick accordingly). [Read More]

2020 Roadmap

(be) Bug fixes (befe) Discourse instance for Dedale’s forum (fe) Update website documentation and tutorials (fe) Integrating the current state of the agents’ backPack directly within the GUI (fe) Integrating communication counter (be) Integrating agents automatic log (be) Simplify each agent communication range configuration (be) Adding a capacity to nodes in order to allow them to have several agents on a given position (and thus simplifiying the openLock computation). [Read More]

2019 Roadmap

  • Communication:

    • Updating the website
    • Discord channel for Dedale’s support tchat
    • Draft version of Dedale’s research paper
  • Features:

    • (be) Moving from graphStream 1.2 to graphStream 2.0

    • (fe) Offering a new GUI for the Gatekeeper with JavaFX

    • (fe) Allowing OSM-based maps

    • ((befe) Adding a continious and 3D environment for Hunting (JME3))

  • Release delivery : December 2019

Adding safe

From now on, treasures can be stored within safes on the map.

  • Agents will need to use their strength and lockpicking expertise to open them before grabbing gold and diamond.

  • Several agents can team up to open a safe. They just need to be linked to the one on the safe location by forming a path.